Организация транспортировки и перевалки грузов

Stuffing of containers with grain in the port of Odessa

Specialists of TFC "ZEKTER" LLC use in their work a gentle method of loading" fragile "cargo, such as peas, corn and others.

Grain is loaded into sea containers at specialized warehouses for grain transshipment.

Transport and forwarding company “TFC “ZEKTER” LLC is ready to provide you with the services of stuffing grain and oilseeds in the port of Odessa. We have at our disposal covered warehouses, we are able to accommodate a large amount of bulk cargo. Warehouses are used to load bulk cargo, in most cases crops, into containers for further export. Our team possesses many skills of loading into containers such crops as: wheat, barley, soybeans, rye, corn, beans, rapeseed and others. The transport and forwarding company “TFC “ZEKTER” LLC has all the necessary equipment at its
disposal, so high-quality and fast stuffing of goods in Odessa is no longer a problem.

Container forwarding - Stuffing of containers Odessa

Service for stuffing and transportation of grain in containers includes:

  • Acceptance of grain with weighing.
  • Laboratory analysis.
  • Accumulation of grain in the warehouse.
  • LUO of an empty and laden container.
  • Accumulation of containers.
  • Weighing of containers.
  • Handling of sack cargo and big bags.
  • Stuffing (loading into a container).
  • Fumigation treatment.
  • Loading a loaded container onto railway platforms.
  • Registration of export phytosanitary certificates.
  • Issuing a quality certificate.
  • Registration of radioactivity certificate.
  • Radiological examination of cargo in containers and registration of
    an environmental declaration.
  • Registration of a veterinary certificate (if there are valid internal
  • Customs clearance of goods.
  • Port forwarding and execution of orders for shipment.
  • Organization of sea freight.
  • Production of a board in a container (for loading bulk cargo).
  • Prompt delivery of the container to the terminal.
Container forwarding - Stuffing of containers Odessa

Stuffing of containers with grain in the port of Odessa

Transshipment of grain and other goods, as well as stuffing of grain cargo is a process
that can be easy, fast and profitable, provided that you turn to professionals. The location of warehouses in close proximity to the container terminals of Odessa allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver already loaded containers to the terminal, without wasting time. A huge covered warehouse makes it possible to continuously work on your orders, regardless of weather conditions. Stuffing of goods in Odessa, starting from receiving an empty container and ending with sending for export – a full cycle of services from the transport and forwarding company  TFC “ZEKTER” LLC. Stuffing of goods in Odessa with the transport and forwarding company TFC “ZEKTER” LLC – trust the professionals. We have been on the market for over 20 years.

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